An organic submarine flies through the water, effortlessly.

Followed by horrible beasts who steal hope.

Men.  The silent assassins of the sea.

Teeth for torpedoes.  The shark’s eyes are its periscope.

Can you hear the animal screaming in the dark? In agony.

Its freedom is taken.  Bound by rope.


All it can do is wait.  Can sharks cry?

The harpoon rips through the serrated skin, easily.

The animal’s eyes begin to slope.

It writhes in the crystal black water.  A simple amputee.

This was never predicted in its horoscope.

The lion of the sea has changed into a snivelling puppy.

Its trickling blood is the colour of taupe.

The leaking liquid attracts other predators, moving in on the sly.


Cartilage crushed to cure cancer.  Teeth turned into a trophy.

Man’s reward is a single cheque.  Delivered in a white envelope.

The Dorsal Fin is churned into a tasty

soup.  A luxurious treat for those at the height of the slope.

The prey’s infected. Through the animal’s bloodstream, the chemicals flee.

Listen to the frantic heartbeat of a netted shark.  Use a stethoscope.

Beating a thousand times a minute.  Preparing to burst out and fly.


Sharks are misunderstood.  A mystery

shelled in a cocoon.  Viewed through the tainted lens of Man’s telescope.

Hunters should thrash in cages, while sharks are free, sailing majestically.

The poachers tuck into Cazon.  Manufactured from the meat of the Tope

shark.  The lions of the sea are an enigma shrouded in ambiguity.

Men ravage anything they can’t control.  All they do is interlope.

The sharks are dissected until they’re memories, drifting through the sky.

*author’s notes*

My second in my environmental-based poetry.  Find the first one below.  This is my first rhyming poem, can’t say I’m much of a fan, but I gave it a shot.  I wrote this in the rhyme scheme of A-B-A-B-A-B-C.  This was certainly a challenge.

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