The River

A running river flows through the forest stopped by no boulder, no trunk, no obstacle. Pebbles and stones are safely tucked into the bed below. Poison leaks into the clean water, but it still runs strong. Toxic, but pure. Contaminated, but sparkling. Contagious, but without sin. Dirtied, but never destroyed. I will dance upon your surface, leaving the slightest of impressions. Not even ballerinas are as graceful as I. I shall be the one with craters in my skin and you shall stay soft and smooth.

Can you hear the poisonous words scream within the wind?

“Oh river, why hide in fear? I won’t ruin you.”

“Oh river, why run away from me? I won’t steal anything.”

“Oh river, why must you be so scared? I’ll protect you.”

“Oh river, why must you tease me? Your honour will be left untouched.”

Did you hear the poisonous words scream within the wind?

You let the fish swim in you. You let the birds wash in you. You let the leaves fall onto you. You let the rocks hide in you. You let the insects lay eggs in you. Why not let me spread in you? Why not let me slip into your warmth and wetness? Why not let our two liquids merge and mingle, love and lie, care and caress? Why not mould yourself around my figure? Why not let my all seeing eye stare into your deep abyss?

You won’t be stained. I won’t leave a mark.


*Author’s notes*


This was something I wrote for school. We have been studying metaphysical poetry recently and we had to write a poem based of the themes of metaphysical poetry and more specifically the themes present within John Donne’s ‘the Flea’ and Lovelace’s ‘his Coy Mistress.’ If you know what these poems are about, then you’ll know what this poem is about. I was very happy with what I wrote and my class was very impressed, so I decided to upload it onto here.

I performed this poem and my poem Harpoon at an open mic night, check it out.

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