Awake Chapter Five Tears of Poison

Awake-Chapter One-Abandonment

Gravity banged on Cameron’s door.

“Sis, don’t do this.” Shadow warned.  He was standing next to her, as the door opened.

“Where’s Melissa?” Gravity demanded.

“She’s right through there.  I’ll take you, if you like; I just need to speak to your brother first.  Shadow, it’s good you’re here, I forgot to give you this.” Cameron handed over a sealed envelope.

“Cameron, take my hand.”

“Don’t! Gravity, don’t do this.  Think how much these people have done for us. If you do this, then you’re just going to tear that away.”

“I have to do this Shadow. These people mocked me and screamed at me and they need to pay.  I’m sorry.” Gravity reached out with her left hand and brushed Shadow’s arm.  The boy stood back from the door and started examining the envelope.

“What’s going on? What are you talking about? I’m sorry about what happened before.”

“I know you are, I need to talk with Melissa.  Take my hand Cameron.”

Cameron grabbed her hand and led her to his fiancee.  Melissa was sitting on the sofa watching television.  Gravity smiled, as she stood behind the woman.  Cameron was standing next to her.  “Goodbye Melissa.” She suddenly heard a whining by her foot.  She crouched down.  “Oh Bliss, you’re doing the puppy eyes look, aren’t you? Isn’t it lucky, I can’t see you?”

Melissa jumped up suddenly and Gravity heard the woman walking over to her.  “Gravity what are you doing here? I’m sorry about before.”

“Yeah, I just came by to say, no hard feelings.  Shake my hand?” Bliss whined again and rubbed her head against the girl’s legs.  Melissa nodded and took the outstretched hand, before falling backwards.  Cameron frowned.  “What did you do?” Gravity sighed and reached out with her right hand and touched Melissa’s fiancee.  He ended up keeling over.  With her right hand moving along the wall, to steady herself, Gravity unsteadily walked over to where her brother was.  When she believed she had reached the door, she called Shadow over to her.  She held out her hand infront of her and her brother walked into it.  Rubbing his eyes he looked around and saw Cameron and Melissa, seemingly unconscious.  “What did you do?”

“They’re just in temporary comas.  It won’t last long.  They won’t remember this happening.”

Shadow started opening the envelope, he had been given by Cameron.  There were two copies of a letter in there, one with English writing and one with Braille.  Shadow started reading it.

Dear Shadow and Gravity,

I am sorry, I have to bring you this news but I have received word that your grandfather has died.  I am truly sorry for your loss.  The nurses in the care home have told me, that he has lived a full life and he has died of natural causes.  The funeral is on Monday the thirteenth at twelve twenty at New Oak cemetary.

From your best friend,


“Gravity I think you should read this.” Shadow handed her the Braille version.  After a few minutes, a few quiet tears started falling out of her eyes.

It was twenty past twelve on Monday the thirteenth and Gravity and Shadow were standing in New Oak cemetery.

The vicar was giving a sermon.  “Thomas Wilkins was a good man at heart.  Everybody who knew him, loved him.  Even in the last years of his life, he remained as cheerful and optimistic as he was when he was younger.  Thomas Wilkins was a loyal and loving father, husband and grandfather.  He will be sorely missed.”

Shadow looked around at the departing crowd and vaguely recognised somebody.  He went over to him.  “Consultant Jones?” Shadow asked, uncertainly.

“Yes, my dear boy, do I know you?”

“Yeah, we met at St. George’s hospital.”

“Oh, now I remember, yes I want you to know that I am sorry about leaving your sister like that, but I was very busy.”

“No worries.  How did you know my grandfather?”

“After St. George’s hospital was blown up I was transferred to the nursing home where your grandparents lived.”

“Why isn’t my grandmother here?”

“In the last few years of your grandfather’s life, your grandmother’s health deteriorated rapidly.”

“Ok, nice meeting you, goodbye.  We might come and visit our grandmother in that nursing home.  We can see you there.  I’ll see you later.” Shadow turned away.

“Wait.  I’m afraid that will not be possible.  I have been transferred again, back into a hospital.  Maybe I could meet with you there.”

Shadow agreed and turned away to walk back to Gravity.

“Come on, sis, let’s go.”

Mitch and Sarah were standing beside a hospital bed.  “He was brought in, in this state a few weeks ago.  It looks like he was in a coma, but we still have to discover the causes of it.  At the moment he is just resting.” Gideon Jones explained.

“Is it possible to wake him? We need to ask him some questions about the incident.”

“That’ll be fine, but he is very exhausted.  I wouldn’t expect to get a very clear answer out of him.”

“Do it anyway, please.” The patient slowly and unsurely opened his eyes.

“Don’t worry Cameron, my name is Inspector Mitch Crosby and I need to ask you some questions.  You were brought into this hospital in a coma.  The medical staff have done numerous tests on you and they don’t have a clue about how you got into this state.  Can you tell me anything you remember?”

Cameron shook his head and rubbed his eyes and Mitch instantly saw a glimmer of fear.

“A friend was coming around for tea; his sister somehow did this to me and my fiancee.  Oh my god, how is Melissa? Is she safe?”

“Don’t worry, she is in perfect health.  Tell me what happened to you?”

“My friend’s sister, she did something to me and my fiancee, something not human.  Don’t let hear near me.” Mitch saw Cameron curl up in a defensive state.  Cameron’s eyes flashed nervously around the room.  “Can you tell me what these people looked like? Anything at all that you can tell me will help us take these people into custody.”

“I’m not sure what they looked like…I think they were really dirty…the girl might have been blonde…can I have some water please?” Gideon passed him a glass.  Cameron took it and swigged it down.  He suddenly dropped it and started convulsing; he fell deathly still.  Gideon leapt up and looked at the monitor.  “A fast acting poison entered his system; there wasn’t anything I could have done.”

“So it appears that someone doesn’t want to be found out.”

“Now what do we do?” Sarah asked.

“Now I report this to Milton.” Mitch stood up and walked outside.  The policeman picked up his radio and pressed a button.  Milton was on the other line.  “What is it Mitch?” He asked.

“I’ve spoken to the victim of the last attack and he has just been poisoned.  I believe this was because he was about to reveal vital information which could’ve given us an idea who his attacker was.  Before he died he briefly described his assailants and the report given was very similar to the one the man who was attacked at three a.m.  gave.  I believe there’s a very strong connection between these two cases.  I also believe that it is absolutely imperative that we bring this girl and boy in as soon as possible.”

“Good work Mitch. I’ll get right on it.”


“The unnamed man is the fifth murder to happen in a matter of weeks.  No connection has been found and the police are baffled.”

Shadow stopped reading.  “This unnamed man was Cameron, wasn’t he? You didn’t need to kill him!”

“Yes I did.  He was going to tell the police about us.” Gravity responsed calmly.

“He was trying to help us, even if he did rat us out; I doubt we would be imprisoned.  He was trying to help us!” Shadow cried out, with tears in his eyes.  Gravity shook her head in disgust.

“Pull yourself together.  If we do get caught, we would be split up; I doubt we would ever see each other again.  Shadow, all we have is each other, and no matter what, nobody is going to take that away.” She went over to Shadow and gave him a reassuring hug.

Shadow smiled.  “What about Melissa?”

“I think she’s still in a coma, but when she wakes up, she shouldn’t remember a thing about us.”

“You wiped her memory? Why didn’t you just do that with Cameron? Why did you have to kill him?”

“I have to set an example.  If somebody sees that you’re soft then they’ll just walk all over you.  Besides you can’t take any chances.”

“Nobody cares about us, why do you have to be seen as hard?”

Gravity turned her head away.  “If people found out  we’re doing this and you get put up for adoption then nobody is going to want to foster you.  Nobody is going to want a murderer.  You have to stop killing people Gravity, for your future, you have to stop.”

Mitch sat down opposite Milton.

“You said you had found something new?”

“Yes sir I have.  Do you know the book StoneCold by Robert Swindells?”

“No.  What are you getting at, Mitch?”

“In the book there is a man called Shelter who wants to kill all of the homeless people in London.  Now in this case it could be the other way around.”

“You’re saying that our killer could potentially be a homeless person.  Why do you think this?” Milton asked, curiously.

“I’m thinking that homeless people would have the most reasons to be angry and kill someone.  These people have been abandoned by society and forgotten about.  These people have been abandoned by society and forgotten about.  Every night they’re sleeping rough and barely eating.  Living like that for a prolonged period of time could really change someone for the worse.”

Milton thought for a while.  “It’s the only theory I’ve heard so far.  You realise you’re going to have to bring me some hard evidence.” Mitch nodded and walked out of the room.  Sarah stood up and went over to him.

“What did he say?”

“He believed us.  Now we have to find evidence.”

“How do we get evidence?”

“I know this might sound cruel, but we need to wait for somebody else to be killed.”

Gravity and Shadow were trying their luck begging.  The routine was the same as usual; Shadow would go out into the crowd and try the “generosity of the public.” Gravity on the other hand was sitting on the pavement, with Bliss, holding a discarded cup with a little bit of change.  Gravity suddenly sat up straight and moved her head.  She could hear a rustle of coins and then the sound stopped; she felt around the cup…it was empty.  Bliss saw what happened and before the thieve could make a getaway, Bliss bit him in his leg.  “Get off you stupid dog.” Said the man, with pure venom.  He then used his other leg to kick the dog off.  Gravity heard Bliss’ yelp and suddenly shot her hand out…


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