Awake Chapter Six Law Abiding Citizen

Awake-Chapter One-Abandonment

Shadow was coming back from a dismal day of begging.  People were not so generous around here.  He had managed to “earn” close to nothing.  Nobody cared.  Shadow looked up and saw Gravity grappling with a stranger.  His walk turned into a despairing run.  “No! Don’t! Stop!” He called, desperately.  He heard a dreadful sound of cracking and rolled his eyes.  Shadow went over to his sister.  “Come on.  We have to go now.”

“Wait! Let me do it.”

“No! We have to go now.”

“I have to make them forget.”

“There isn’t time.” Shadow walked off quickly, holding Gravity’s hand.

“Stop them.  They’re getting away.” Someone shouted.  Shadow looked around and started to run.  “No, don’t run so fast Shadow.”

“Sorry sis, just hold on tight.”

“Stop them.” The voice shouted again.  Other members of the crowd looked around and saw the running siblings and quickly stepped in the way to stop them.  Shadow sharply dodged around them.  The crowd seemed not to notice and they carried on walking.  “What are you doing? They’re getting away. Get after them.” The same voice cried.

One of the crowd turned around.  “Why? They haven’t done anything.”

“Fine, I’ll get them.” The voice started running and then stopped.

“Damn it, where did they go?”

“You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Yes Mitch, take a look at this.” Milton picked up a remote and flicked on the television.

“Breaking news.  Today at two fifteen in the afternoon, the body of a young man was discovered.  He had been found with a broken neck.  Our correspondent is there now.”

“Thank you, yes indeed today a body of a young man, whose identity has so far been unconfirmed, was found in East London.  His death is now the sixth in what seems to be an unconnected murder spree.  A witness has come forward.  We have interviewed them, but they have wished to remain anonymous, so I’ll read their testimony for them.  ‘I was just walking along, going by my day to day business, when I saw this young blonde girl, with her hand at this man’s throat.  I think she was strangling him.  I’m not sure why.  I stepped forward to try and intervenem when I heard this horrible cracking sound and all life just drained out of the man.  Then an older boy came along and the two ran off.  It was a busy day and other members of the public stood in their way, trying to stop them, but then the most peculiar thing happened.  The public suddenly stood out of the offender’s way and made no attempt to stop them.  I gave chase, but I lost sight of them and that is when I called the police,’ the police have made a public appeal to anyone who might know any information about these murders.  If you know anything, which could be of use, then please contact your local polic officer anoymoulsy.  Back to you in the studio.”

Mitch and Sarah got out of the car and walked up to the crime scene. Inspector Crosby walked over to a man in a white coat.  “What have you found?”

“We have definitely confirmed that there are some faint fingerprints on the man’s neck.  I’ve sent them off for analysis.  We will be able to have identification of the attack in a few weeks time.”

“You can identify someone through their fingerprints?” Sarah asked.

The man nodded.  “Yes, people’s fingerprints don’t change throughout their lifetime; all we have to do is compare the current ones, to the ones on the person’s birth certificate.”

Sarah turned to her superior.  “Ok, well at least we can finally find out who our mystery attacker is.”

A few weeks later, Mitch was sitting at his desk with a brown envelope which contained the identity of his mystery killer .  He had already read it and was now inspecting a WANTED poster, which had been designed to help apprehend the murderer.  Sarah walked into his office.  “So have you read it then?”

Mitch nodded.  “I can’t believe the killer is a teenager.  I can’t believe it’s a female teenager.  If the killer was an adult I would be able to understand it, but not someone this young.  What could have motivated a teenager to kill all of these people? Why would someone of this age kill? Where would be the profit in it?”

“Let me remind you, that you shouldn’t underestimate what young people are capable off,” Sarah decided it would be better, if she changed the subject, “is that the WANTED poster there?”

“Yes.  We believe we have constructed an accurate depiction of what we think she would look like now.  The only photograph we found was one taken of her when she was a baby.  Milton has ordered a full scale investigation to try and find out more about her.  I’ll get a full report in two days time.”

Two days later, Mitch was sitting by his desk, with a brown envelope in front of him.  Sarah walked in and sat down.  “Is that the report?”

Mitch nodded.  “We haven’t been able to find out much.  We’ve checked all attendance reports of all local schools and nurseries around the area where she would’ve grown up and we haven’t found anything.  She can’t have gone to school, otherwise we’ll know about it.  At least we know her name.  She was born and raised for four years somewhere in Kent.  After her fourth birthday we’ve lost track of her.  She has an older brother.  Her mother is dead and her father works in the medical industry.  That’s all we’ve got.  We can’t find a trace of her or her brother.”

“I don’t know what you’re so worried about.  You’ve found out loads of important information.  Ok so you can’t find her or her brother, you’re just going to have to accept that.  Her mother is dead  Who does that leave? Her father.  If you can find him, he might know where his children are.  You see, you’ve discovered a lot.”

“No I haven’t; I could be describing any girl in the world.  The only thing that makes her stand out is her parents.  Other than that she could be anybody.”

“I still think we found out a lot.  Ok, let’s just say she didn’t go to school, but why would her parents not send her to school-”

“Maybe, because her mum is dead.”

“Let’s say she’s alive.  Why wouldn’t they send her to school? Maybe their child could have some deformity that their parents would be so embarrassed about, that they wouldn’t want people to see their child.  In fear of being laughed at.  It’s certainly a horrible thing to consider, but it’s definitely possible.” Sarah deduced.

“That’s a good theory.  What sort of deformity do you think it could be?” Mitch asked, curiously.

“That’s hard to say, maybe it’s a physical or some type of mental pronlem.”

“I’ve had a theory that the killer mighr be a homeless person, because they feel that everybody has abandoned them.  I’ve told it to Milton, but do you think it makes sense? Maybe our two theories could be connected in some way.”

Sarah nodded.  “It certainly makes sense.  It’s possible that this homeless person was abandoned by their parents, because of a deformity and this has left them feeling angry and resentful.”

“Good work.  Let’s try and stick these posters up.  Then later I have something I want to say to you.”

Gravity and Shadow were hiding in an alleyway, listening to the police sirens driving by.  “I still can’t believe you would be as obvious as that.  We’re going to get caught.”

“We are, if we stay like this.  Let’s go.” Gravity put one hand on the wall and pulled herself up.  Shadow grabbed onto her other hand and he led her out of the alley.  Luckily it was a rainy day and there were not many people around.  If somebody spottred the siblings, then they would be done for.  “Oh my god.” Shadow said, quietly as he went over to a lamppost.  “Oh my god.  The police have got WANTED posters of us up.  We’ve got to get out of here.” The siblings turned to run away.

“Well hello kids, didn’t expect to see you again.” Shadow turned around and saw Consultant Gideon Jones standing in front of them.  “Oh my god.  Run.  Sis, you know what to do.” Gideon smiled and took Gravity’s arm and bent it around her back.  “I’ll give you a minute to run.  Then I’ll call the police.” Gideon let go of her and saw the teenagers run off.

Shadow looked behind him and thought about the familiar old man who had let them go.  Suddenly the world span and Shadow found himself on his front, with his hands behind him and hearing the clink of metal.  He saw Gravity next to him and Bliss being muzzled and leashed.  They had run straight into the police and then the police picked them up and threw them, into the back of a police van.  Shadow felt himself crash down onto a mattress.  After a short ride he was picked up and firmly placed onto his feet, he was pushed into an interrogation chamber and watched his sister being dragged away from him.

Shadow looked around the chamber and did not see much.  He was sitting on a metal chair.  The room was completely bricked up, so without any natural light Shadow lost track of time.  After what could have been days or just mere minutes, the barred door opened and Sarah walked in, with Gravity behind her, who was handcuffed and had a piece of tape over her mouth.  “What have you done to my sister?” Shadow said, defensively.  “You don’t need to gag her, she’s a thirteen year old girl, she can’t harm anyone.”

“Oh, I completely disagree; this girl is responsible for killing up to six people.  We can’t take any chances.  Now you and your sister have to come with us, for some questioning.”

“Where’s our dog? Where’s Bliss?”

“Your dog is being detained.  It hasn’t been hurt.”

“Let us see her.”

“We can’t allow that.”

“Let us see her, and I promise you we’ll be more cooperative.”

“Alright, fine I’ll have it brought to you and then we will conduct our questioning here.” Sarah brought Gravity into the chamber and handcuffed her to the bars.  She walked out of the room and locked the door.  Shadow listened as Sarah‘s footsteps became quieter and fainter.  “Gravity just stay where you are.  I’m coming over to you.” She heard steady footfalls, until they suddenly ceased and she guessed that her brother was in front of her.  Her mouth started to sting, as the tape was ripped off.  “Right, we have to get out of here.  Once that policewoman comes back, I’ll charge at her.” Slowly the sound of clunking heels on the stone floor, grew louder and louder.  Mitch took his keys out and then, there was the sound of a key turning in a lock.  The door slowly creaked open; Shadow charged forward.  Mitch and Sarah simply stepped to one side and stuck a leg out.  Shadow crashed to the floor.  “Nice try kid.  Come on, up we go.”

*Author’s Notes*

Please once again excuse my fourteen year old self who took perhaps too much creative liberty when it came to police procedure.  Also I wasn’t the writer then that I am now.

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