Hunting Vs Poaching

The real predators prowl
in the moonlit mating season
where peacocks are in full plumage
bursting bags breaking their backs
sending bullets into the arm of the law
leaving behind their empty casings

Arrow and spear lie in the Bushmen’s bone
leaving behind footprints, they only take what they need,
risking bars, bruises, beatings and breakings
for the families they must feed,
the Bushmen are turned into the enemy
and so they must flee

The poachers tread over sacred ground,
in the moonlit mating season,
undressing big cats, unscrewing ivory tusks,
unleashing their dogs of war,
bites worse than their barks,
chasing down what would sell for the most zeros

The herd turns its back
on its pensioners, its wounded, its troublemakers,
the herd walk into the sunset
the unwanted wander through the shadows
through his crossed vision, the Hunter sees all,
limited to five bullets, five mercy kills, that’s all he needs

From oceans of glare,
emerge bolts of metallic blue
fired from speeding jeeps.
The Tiger hits the floor
nestled in its fur lies a microtag
but they strip it anyway

Cossava, maize, egusi flattened underneath grey heel,
upon grey heel, upon grey heel, upon grey heel,
there were too many, the population was out of control
swarming through villages like plagues of locusts
their sacrifices fund the survival of so many,
now there are hardly any

*Author’s Notes*

As you might have guessed from reading my other “environment poetry,” I am very against poaching and the hunting of animals.  However, I was ignorant of the difference between illegal and legal hunting and so I wanted to write a poem to elucidate the distinction.  I must admit that before this Kendall Jones and Ian Gibson business, I was one of the many people who denounced all types of animal hunting as bad and was ignorant of how hunting could be beneficial to the environments.  When Kendall Jones began to emerge, I became more aware of how hunting can be used to benefit an environment and so I started researching more into it and found that it can be used to regulate population control, improve local economies and fund conservation efforts and for some native tribes, it’s just a way of life.  Again a very simple structure, accessible content and nothing to abstract.  And where would I be without my lovely beta-readers: Jaime, Lerisa and Jazmin.  I love you all.

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