I’m a slacktivist, not an activist,
I lack, I slack, I don’t act, now that’s a fact
100 likes to cure cancer?
I’ll like it.  No hesitation
Forget the donation, give my ego an inflation,
Forget the research, I’ll sit in my virtual perch
Just click, click, clicking away
But hey, I don’t need to pay, cos I cure cancer from my laptop screen
Don’t say I’m mean, that I wanna stay clean,
I get my hands dirty
Every share helps up defeat Ebola
That’s how it works right?
It doesn’t?
Oh shite.

Beggar asks, spare some change mate,
Now I didn’t wait, now be aware, like a hare, I shot down there,
Brought up some change
Then up went a status saying I did a
Good deed
Helped someone in need
What’s that?
I did it to feed my ego?
Oh no
I did it to help those sleeping rough, it must be tough
But I did my bit, now don’t deny it
What’s that?
I should go help at a shelter?
No thanks, I’ve done my part, take that to heart
I gave him my copper, stopped him looking blue
What more can I do?

Child soldiers, shoulders burning red
Did we ever stop Kony dead?
The planet’s running out of oil, it’s starting to boil
Another mass shooting
The gun debate’s raging
Everyone’s ageing
As we all complain
About Syria and the Middle East
About how we feast whilst they all starve
And yet nobody acts and those are the facts
Stop HS2? What can I do?
Stop police brutality? Don’t look at me
I couldn’t do a damn thing for Rodney King
I’m just one person and that’s for certain
I can’t make change
I can’t arrange
To make the world a better place
Who’ll listen to me?
Others will do it, right? They’ll fight the good fight
They’ll go on marches, shout from the arches
Yell, scream until they’re heard
You want me to help? Now that’s absurd
I’m just one man.  I’ve done what I can
Others will pick up my slack right?
They’ll fight the good fight
Won’t they?

*Author’s notes*

This poem is dedicated to all those people out there, including myself, who constantly complain about everything that is wrong in the world, but do nothing about it, other than liking or sharing a photo on facebook.  Or when they do do something good, they then boast about it all over social media.

As this poem deals with some dark content, I feel like that it would work well as a performance poem.  When I’ve written poems about dark themes before, they’ve come out far too serious and overly dark.  Now, I am definitely not an expert on rhyme and rhythm, but I did try with this poem.  I’ll welcome any feedback on the content or the rhythm.

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