Something More

Look at the sun

And wonder if

There’s something else

Something more.


Something more than life back on our planet,


Because we’re all so small,

Nothing at all,


In our universe,

That’s our curse,

To be the only people,

Staring from the steeple,


Into the sun.

Wondering if there’s something more

Than the Right and the Left

Wondering who will be right and who will be left


Wondering if there’s something more

Something more than pizzagate

And building walls

And fools following fools,

The blind following the deaf

Pay no mind

Pay no breath


As they protest

The mess they create through hate.

As we’re willing

For the killing to stop


But let me tell you straight

There’s no point waiting

For the hating to stop.

Cos we should look at the sun

And wonder if there’s

Something more.


Something more

Than all this fighting

And my shitty writing

More than the Fascist Right

And the daft liberal left, bereft of

Logic or sense.

More than SJWs being offended

on my behalf

more than this breech

of my free speech


More than Berkeley and Milo

And Ben Shapiro.

More than not letting people speak, because

You don’t agree with what they have to say.


And yeah, I know, I’m on my soapbox

But there has to be more than



Jo Cox,

More than terror on every side

It’s worldwide

As we wait for what’s coming,

As we start running

Into the smoke of

Our own ignorance


As we dance

To those in power,

We cower to those

Above, forsake our love

To write

Mere words that might not change a thing,

And maybe we won’t win


But we should still look at the sun and

Wonder if there’s something else.

Something more


Than the 9-5

To just staying alive

Trying to survive

For a life


Where we’re living to other’s expectations,

But there’s no initiation, just hesitation,

As we seek validation,

From the people who don’t give a shit.


And I’m no better,

I’m just a hypocrite,

As I’m writing this poem,

Not for the reason I should,

But because I could,

Cos I thought it would sound good,


But if I could inspire you,

To look at the sun

And wonder if there’s something else

Something more


As we wonder if there’s

Something other than

Jeremy Kyle,

Where’s mile and mile away,

There’s no more


No more,



Wasted on the things that don’t matter,

On the shatter of the lives

Stolen by the latest school shooting,

On the hooting

Of taxis screaming home,


As we wonder if we’re alone


Looking into the sun,


If there’s something else,

Something more,

Or wondering if life, as we know it,

has only just begun


*Author’s notes*

I started writing this poem in my creative writing group where we were studying performance poetry.  Our theme was “the sun.”

Watch my performance here:

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