Unruly donkeys, French Countryside and the dearly deceased – WWOOF day 5 19/09/19

Today started off bright and early at half 8.  Firstly, I gave water to the geese.  After that, Matthias and I had to move all of the bags of apples we picked on Monday into the barn.  We had picked 37 bags – who knows how many apples? Thousands and thousands, I imagine.  After that, we walked the donkeys from the farm to a nearby grazing field.

I led the calmer one and I think I did a good job – I guess it helped that she was so tame.  But on the way, she kept stopping to chomp on the grass, but when this happened, I had to firmly command her to continue – in French of course.  She doesn’t speak English.  We returned to the farm at 10hr.  The next job was to move all of the sticks, we had laid out to dry, into the furnace thingy to make cider.

But at least the weather was great today.  Also, Mathias told me that the old lady goat was close to the end.  It’s sad, but it’s the life.

We worked until 12 when it was time for lunch.  Elisabeth was away for the day, so it was just Matthias and me.  But Mathias told me all about how he started off on the farm – 22 years ago, he used to work in the city, but he became sick of it all, so he packed it in to buy the farm.  He much prefers the simplicity and serenity of the countryside.  I agree with him.  It’s cliched but it’s true.

After lunch, Mathias said we can take a break.  As the weather was gorgeous, I thought I would go for a cycle.  There’s a cycle path that runs through the countryside and I followed that for a few miles.  I wasn’t going anywhere in particular, but I was just exploring.  It was lovely out there.  I loved how quiet it was.  It was truly beautiful.

At 16hr, we recommenced work.  I checked on the old lady goat and unfortunately, she had died.  We laid her out to rest, before we took some pails of water to the donkeys.  The pails were very heavy, and it was definitely a two-man job.  After that, we did some cleaning.  We cleaned out Mathia’s basement of some old wood.  He loaded it into the wheelbarrow and I threw it all in the trailer.  On Monday, we will take it all to the recycling centre.

Mathias declared us the perfect team – that was until I tripped over a hidden wire on the ground, which is when he retracted his claim.  At 17hr, work for the day had finished at we had dinner at 19hr30.  Tomorrow is a day off for me and Elisabeth explained that she will take me to nearby Diueppe and that on the weekend, her sister’s family are coming to visit.  But that’s it for my fifth day – a day of taming unruly donkeys, cycling through the French countryside and paying respects to the dearly departed.


Aujourd’hui a commencé plus tôt à 8h30.  J’ai donné l’eau a la gesse.  Apres ça, Mathias et moi a apporté les anes a une nouvelle field to eat the grass there.  J’apporté le plus clame ane.  Pendant, la balade, elle a essayé la grasse et les plantes, mais I firmly pulled her along.  Tu dois être firme mais sympa. (Est qu’il y a un français équivalent pour ça ? Je sais pas)

Alors, après ça, on est retourné à la ferme.  Le prochain travaille apportait les brochettes, which had been drying in the sun, et les mettent dans un furnace thingy pour faire du cidre.  (I can’t really explain it in French, so look at these pictures instead)

A 12hr, on a pris notre déjeuner.  Elisabeth était au loin pour le jour donc c’était moi et Mathias.  Mais Mathias m’a dit pourquoi il est Farmer.  Vingt-deux ans il y a, il a acheté la ferme parce qu’il était malade avec la vie de la ville.  Ils préfèrent la tranquillement de la campagne.  Je suis d’accord avec lui.  C’est une cliche mais c’est vrai.

Après déjeuner, Mathias a dit qu’on reposer pour maintenant.  Il faisait très très beau, donc je faisais du vélo a la campagne.  Proche de la ferme, il y a une veloroute donc, je la faisais du vélo pour 4km.  Je l’ai aimé.  C’était très calme et sereine.  J’étais seule absolument.  A 16hr, la travaille a recommencé.  Malheursement, la vielle chèvre à mourir.  C’est triste mais c’est la vie.  Après la, on a apporté des buckets du l’eau pour les anes.  Il y avait très heavy et on devait travailler ensemble.  Après ça, on a dû du nettoyage.  La cave du Mathias était plein du vielle wood.  He put it in the wheelbarrow, and I put in our trailer to take to the recycling on Monday.  Il a déclaré qu’on était une bonne équipe – jusqu’au I tripped over some loose wires.

A 17hr, la travaille du jour a fini.  Et à 19hr30, on apprit notre diner.  Demain est mon day off donc Elisabeth me prenais a Diueppe pour le jour.  Aussi elle m’a expliqué sur le weekend, sa famille est viens.  Mois c’est tout par ma cinquième jour – un jour dès l’anes, faire dur vélo et parle adieu pour un très vielle mais grande chèvre.

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