Dogs, Rabbits and Weeding, WWOOF – Day 10 – 24/09/19

I am doing WWOOF – a month-long programme where I am working on a French farm.  I am writing a daily blog about my experiences.  I will write in English and French.  My French isn’t perfect and there will be mistakes.  And I may use Frenglish.  I welcome all corrections.  I tend to transliterate more than translate, but I’m working to improve this.  Considering this, the French sections of the blog won’t be exact word-for-word translations from the English.  Firstly, the language doesn’t work like that and secondly, I make jokes and references in the English that won’t translate over to the French.

Matthias was teaching today meaning that I was working alone.  My work started at 9hr30 where I fed Elisabeth’s rabbits.  After that I continued putting wood in the wood oven and because it’s Normandy, it started raining while I was doing so.

I did this until half 11, where I moved onto my next challenge: weeding.  Removing all of the thistles, stinging nettles, moss and dandelions from the cracks in the pavement and walls in and around the barn.  And in the pouring rain! If I wanted more glamourous work, I should have gone to a vineyard in Bordeaux.  See the before and after below.

Although the work wasn’t that bad.  It was quite satisfying pulling out the weeds by their roots, less so when they disintegrated in your hands.  It was also quite addictive, once I started I didn’t want to stop.

But stop I did, at half 12, which was when I had lunch – leftovers Matthias gave me.  At 2pm, I resumed my weeding work.



I did a good job.  Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but I weeded a good ¾ of the barn.  I did this until 15hr30 when I took a break.

Matthias returned at 5 and I resumed weeding.  While I was doing so, one of Matthias’ friends approached me and asked about his whereabouts, in French…obviously.  What I wanted to say was Matthias was in the house, instead I said that he is in the house.  Oops! But the friend still understood me, so no harm done.

Although, I was alone during the weeding, the goats were nice enough to keep me company.  At 6, I mucked out the animals while the turkey kept me company.

And I spent the last part of my shift playing with Moya, because could you not? She’s so soft and lovely.

At 20hr, we had dinner.  When I found out that Elisabeth would be leaving for a few days, I was a little nervous.  I thought things would be awkward between Matthias and I.  But I was wrong.  Over the days, we’ve been learning more about each other.  Tonight, we talked about this teaching work.

I confessed that I wouldn’t have the patience to be a teacher.  When I was at school, we were horrible to our teachers and I couldn’t cope with that.  But he said it’s not like that where he works.  His school is very small and everyone is very polite.  He enjoys the work and thinks it’s better than if he worked at an inner-city school which has drug and violence problems – like my school, lol.

We also agreed that one definite perk of being a PE teacher is you don’t have to mark any homework.  And, of course, we spoke in French.  Even if I don’t understand every single word, I can still follow the main gist of the conversation.  And before I went to bed, my final job was to chain up the Buck, so he wouldn’t be waking me up in the middle of the night.

And that’s it for day 10.  A day of an amazing dog, rabbits and a lot of weeding.


Matthias travaillait a l’école aujourd’hui, donc pour le plupart, j’étais seule pendant le jour.  A 9hr30, j’ai commencé ma travailler sur donner le manger a les lapins des Elisabeth.  Apres ca, j’ai recommence mettre les boire du chauffage dans le four du boire.  Et parce que, c’est Normandie, il pluie…un beaucoup.

Je le faisais jusqu’un 11hr30 au j’ai commencé mon prochain projet – débouclage.


C’est mon métier a rénover toutes les stinging nettles, thistles and wild grass that were growing out of the pavement and bricks in and around the barn.  In the pouring rain.

Je pense si j’ai voulu du travailler plus glamoureuse, je devrais aller un vinyard dans Bordeaux.

Alors, je le fais jusqu’ua 12hr30 quand j’appris mon déjeuner – des leftovers Matthias had left for me.  A 14hr, j’ai recommencé mon débouclage.  Je fais un bon métier.  Ce n’est pas parfait, mais tu peux voir une différence.  Aussi, les chevres était sympa assez to keep me company.

Alors, j’appris une pause a 15hr30.  Matthias est retourne a 17hr et j’ai recommencé le débouclage.  Tandis que, je le fais, un ami de Matthias m’a demandé, en Français, ou est Matthias.  J’ai voulu qu’il dans la maison.  En lieu, j’ai dit que Matthias est la maison.  Oops.  Mais, l’ami me encore compris.

Alors, a 18h4, j’ai nettoyé la barne tandis que le turkey regarde me.  Et finalement, j’ai caressé Moya, parce qu’elle trop superbe. Elle est tres douce et sympa.  Je l’adore.

On apprit notre diner a 20hr 15.  Quand, j’ai découvert que Elisabeth serait au loin cette demain, j’était nerveuse.  J’ai pensé que choses entre Matthias et moi serait awkwarde, mais j’étais faux.

Jour après jour, on a été parlé et parle, en Français pour la plupart.  Tandis que, on a changé a Anglais si nécessaire.  Je ne comprends pas toutes de quoi Matthias dire, mais j’ai compris assez.

Par exemple, le soir, on a parlé du son travaille à un professeur.  J’ai confessé que je ne peux pas la patience est un professeur.  A mon école, on était horrible à nos professeurs.

Mais Matthias a dit que son école, ce n’est pas comme cas.  Toutes les étudiantes est tres polie.  Il dit que c’est bon parce que c’est juste une petite école.  C’est meilleur que l’écoles dans les villes avec les problèmes avec les drugs et la violence – comme mon école MDR.

Mais il aime son travailler.  Et avant, je dormi, je devrais attacher le buck, donc il ne me pourrait pas reveille dans le milieu de la nuit.

Et c’est tout pour jour 10, un jour des lapins, une superbe chienne et beaucoup, beaucoup débouclage.

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