Beaches, scary goats and French English breakfasts – WWOOF- day 7 21/09/19

I am doing WWOOF – a month-long programme where I am working on a French farm.  I am writing a daily blog about my experiences.  I will write in English and French.  My French isn’t perfect and there will be mistakes.  And I may use Frenglish.  I welcome all corrections.  I tend to transliterate more than translate, but I’m working to improve this.  Considering this, the French sections of the blog won’t be exact word-for-word translations from the English.  Firstly, the language doesn’t work like that and secondly, I make jokes and references in the English that won’t translate over to the French.

Wow, it’s already been a week.  Doesn’t time fly? Today’s work started at 9hr where Matthias and I cycled to his apple orchard and we picked more apples.  We did this until 11hr30, when we returned to the farm.

For about an hour, we moved some firewood into Mathias’ cellar.

Today, my hosts received their daughter Oceane as well as Elisabeth’s sister Courrinne and Courrine’s family.  They all arrived at 13hr – Courrine was joined by her husband Andres, her son Mallory and Mallory’s girlfriend, Pauline.  I’m not sure why, but Elisabeth was insistent that she cook a full English breakfast for lunch.  As I’m English, I had to help her.  Things were pretty good all around other than the toast burning which unearth some repressed memories of my cooking nightmares at university.

But overall the food was good.  Although this was the most French English breakfast that I’ve ever had.  Elisabeth seasoned the tomatoes while frying them, all of the food was shared out, family-style, and we concluded with bread and cheese.


Generally, I’m quite shy with new people, even more so when they’re French, but everyone was friendly.  They made an effort to talk to me in French and I tried my best to understand although we did have to revert back to English sometimes.

At 3, lunch was over, Mathias and Elisabeth told me that for dinner, they’d be having a private family dinner, but they would leave some leftovers for me.  With a few hours to kill, I decided to go cycling.  I cycled along the cycle route to the coastal town of Hautot-sur-mer.  The cycle was good, as the route was very direct, and it took me through the gorgeous French countryside.




The only problem was when I became quite lost and it took me a good 45minutes to find my way.  I cycled along main roads and went up and down hills.  But that’s what travelling alone is all about.  Getting lost and exploring.

Anyway, I arrived in Hautot at 17hr20.  The journey was about 10 miles, probably more if you count my little detour.


I stayed by the coast for about half an hour, before heading back at 17hr50.  I would have liked to have stayed for longer, but it was getting late.  I’m here for a month so I will cycle the route again.  I arrived back at the farm at 19Hr05.

Elisabeth gave me some leftovers that I could microwave for dinner.  Afterwards, she and her family left.  While I was eating in the clubhouse, I was watching a particular scary episode of Z nation.  I started hearing noises from outside and then the door rattled open – only to reveal a goat.  I had been scared out of my wits by a goat.  But that’s all for day 7 – a day of bike rides to the coast, being scared by goats and the most French English breakfast I’ve ever eaten.


Aujourd’hui a commencé à 9hr. Mathias et moi faire du vélo a l’orchade des pommes et on les a cuillère jusqu’au 11hr 30.

On est retourné a la ferme ou on est mets some firewood dans la cave du Matthias.



A 12hr 30, on a reçu des visiteurs. Premièrement, il y avait la fille du Mathias et Elisabeth : Océane.  Mais aussi la sœur d’Elisabeth Corinne, sa mari Andres, sa fils Mallory et sa copine Pauline.

Je sais pas pourquoi mais Elisabeth était insistent qu’a cuisine une typique « English breakfast » et parce que je suis Anglais, je l’ai aidé.  Sauf quand we burned the toast, which unearthed some repressed memories of my university cooking nightmares, le repas etait bien.  Tandis que, the “English breakfast” était le plus Français “English breakfast, » que j’ai mangé.  Du les herbes sur les tomates a toutes les choses était partage et les repas a fini avec pain et fromage…c’était trop Français mai encore bien.


Généralement, je suis nerveuse avec les nouvelles personnes, even more so quand ils sont français, mais tout le monde était très sympa.  Ils me parlent Français et pour la plupart je les ai compris.  Alors, on a fini manger à 15hr et parce qu’il fait trop, trop, beau, je faire du vélo a la cote.

Je suis allé via le vélo route et la voyage était très agréable – je suis allé through more of the gorgeous French countryside.



Le voyage était 15km longue et généralement c’était bien sauf quand je devenais perdu.  Je faire du velo through the streets and up and down hills, before finally finding my way.

Alors, à 17hr20, je suis arrivé à la towne de la cote : Hautot-sur-mer.  C’était glorieux là.


Je la restais pour une demi-heure, mais c’était retard donc je suis retourné à la ferme.  Le voyage était bien et je ne devenais pas perdu cette fois.

Je suis retourne à la ferme à 19hr05 et Elisabeth m’a donné des leftovers which I could microwave for diner, parce qu’elle et sa famille sortent pour une privée diner.  Quand, je mangeais mon diner dans le « breakfast room, » je regardais une peur episode du Z Nation.  Et j’entendais un désordre du l’extérieur et la porte ouverte to reveal une chèvre.  J’avais de la peur de la chèvre.  Mdr.  Et c’est tout pour jour sept.  Un jour du faire du vélo a la cote, a peur de la chèvre et le plus Français « English breakfast » que j’ai mangé.

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