Old pigs, funny sights and a lot of bread – WWOOF – day 17 01/10/19

I am doing WWOOF – a month-long programme where I am working on a French farm.  I am writing a daily blog about my experiences.  I will write in English and French.  My French isn’t perfect and there will be mistakes.  And I may use Frenglish.  I welcome all corrections.  I tend to transliterate more than translate, but I’m working to improve this.  Considering this, the French sections of the blog won’t be exact word-for-word translations from the English.  Firstly, the language doesn’t work like that and secondly, I make jokes and references in the English that won’t translate over to the French.

Matthias was teaching this morning meaning that I was working alone.  At 10, Elisabeth showed me how to wash the inside of the bottles and then she had to leave.  After she left, I saw this amusing sight.

But as I was preparing the washing station, there was a massive delivery of bread.  I had been told nothing about this and the delivery guys were none the wiser.  I didn’t know what to do with all the bread, so it was all dumped on the porch and left for me to sort out.  Some of the neighbours made comments in French as they walked past.  Obviously, I didn’t understand them, but I think it was something to do with us buying a bakery.  Lol.

While I was moving it inside, I had to stop the goats and chickens from escaping, which was fun.  But I loaded it onto a trolley and after pushing it back and forth, trying to find somewhere the animals couldn’t get to it, I asked Oceane and she told me to put it in the storeroom.

Finally, I was ready to start washing the bottles.

This was as tedious as it sounds, so I won’t spend too much time on it, but sufficed to say, I did this until Elisabeth returned at lunchtime.  At 12.30, we had lunch.  It was just the two of us as Oceane had left for the day.

Over lunch, Elisabeth told me about her work in the nuclear plant.  She worked in many different areas including logistics, medical and HR.  I declared her a Jack of all trades.  After lunch, at 14hr, I continued washing bottles.  I did this until 15hr30, when it started raining. I washed 52 bottles.  Only 448 to go!

Work recommenced at 5 upon Matthias’ return.  I had the very glamorous job of cleaning up animal shit.  At 6, I moved onto my next job of the day.  Remember the bread from earlier? It’s for the animals and I had to move it from here


into our bread bin, and by bread bin, I mean wheely bin.

At least, I had Mimi with me to keep me company and to eat the bread I gave her.  Matthias told me that she is very old and nearly blind, so she must eat alone, otherwise the other animals will steal her food.

Getting her into a secure place to eat wasn’t the problem.  It was getting her out again.  She moves very slowly, and I had to coax her out using a trail of breadcrumbs.  It didn’t help that the chickens and goats kept trying to steal her food.  But after 15 minutes, I had succeeded and at 19hr15, it was time for dinner.

Matthias told me that in France, it’s the law for any leftover food from supermarkets to go to those in need.  Leftover food from that, like bread, goes to farms like ours. It’s a great idea and it should be implemented in England.

At 20hr30, after a long, hard battle, I managed to chain Jack up for the night.  It wasn’t easy.  And I finished my night, I rewatched what remains one of the best films I’ve ever seen: City of God.  Have you seen it? Comment your thoughts below.

And that’s it for day 17, a day of old pigs, bottle-washing and lots and lots of bread.


Matthias enseignait aujourd’hui donc je travaillais seule.  Elisabeth m’a montré comment a lavé l’intérieur des bouteilles.  Après ça, j’ai vu cette amusante chose.

Cela étant, Elisabeth a parti et il y avait un grand délivre du pain.

Ni me dit personne du ça et je n’en sais rien quoi à faire et n les hommes du délivre.  En fin, ils ont laissé tous les pains sur notre porch pour moi a faire avec.  J’ai mets tous les pains dans une trollie tandis qu’essaye arrêter les animaux de A) escaping et B) mange les pains.

Aussi, les voisins dire quelque chose en Français.  Je n’ai les compris pas, mais j’imagine, c’était comme « vous avez acheté une boulangerie « Alors, je ne sais pas quoi à faire avec les pains donc j’ai demandé Oceane et elle m’a dit to put it in the storeroom.

Après toutes ça, je suis prêt pour laver les bouteilles.

Je le fais jusqu’un Elisabeth est retourner a 12hr30 et on apprit notre déjeuner.  Oceane a parti pour le jour. A déjeuner, Elisabeth m’a dit de la sa travaille dans un nuclear power plant.  Elle a fait beaucoup choses – logistiques, HR, médical.  Elle était un Jack of all trades.

Alors, après on a fini déjeuner a 14hr, j’ai recommencé mon travailler.  J’ai lavé 52 bouteilles seule 448 à faire ! Alors à 15hr30, il pluait donc je reposer jusqu’un 17hr quand Matthias est retourne et j’ai recommencé mon travailler.  Premierement, j’ai le plus glamoreuse travailler of cleaning up the animal shit.  A 18hr, c’était temps pour mon final métier.  Souvenez les pains ? Alors mon travailler réarrangeait le pain d’ici

A ici.

Quoi chance, Mimi était présente donc je n’étais pas seule.  Aussi, je lai donner un manger du pain.  Elle est très vielle et lentement, donc elle ne put pas manger avec les autres animaux.

A 19hr, j’ai fini mon travailleur mais maintenant, je devrais remover Mimi de la pièce de la storage – une difficile métier.  Ce me pris 15 minutes et je devrais lure her out using a trail of breadcrumbs.  Et, bien sûr, les poules et les chèvres était la et essayer manger les pains.  Mais, j’étais successful.  A 19hr20, on apprit notre diner.

Matthias m’a dit qu’en France, c’est le law qu’avec les produits que les hypermarchés ne peuvent pas vendre, ils doivent donner a people in need et après a fermes comme nous, pourquoi toutes les pains.  A 20hr30, on a fini notre dinner et après a long, hard battle, I chained Jack up for the night.  J’ai fini mon jour par rewatching un dès le mieux filmes que j’ai vu : City of God.  Regardiez-vous ? Dites-moi dans les commentés dessous.

Alors, c’est tout pour jour 17 – un jour des vielles cochons, laver les bouteilles et beaucoup, beaucoup pains.

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