Bottle-washing, apple-picking and cheese-rolling – WWOOF – Day 21-05/10/19

I am doing WWOOF – a month-long programme where I am working on a French farm.  I am writing a daily blog about my experiences.  I will write in English and French.  My French isn’t perfect and there will be mistakes.  And I may use Frenglish.  I welcome all corrections.  I tend to transliterate more than translate, but I’m working to improve this.

Considering this, the French sections of the blog won’t be exact word-for-word translations from the English.  Firstly, the language doesn’t work like that and secondly I make jokes and references in the English that won’t translate over to the French.

There is an expression in England.  Don’t eat cheese before you go to sleep otherwise you will have bad dreams.  Obviously this expression didn’t make its way across the Channel as the French always eat cheese after dinner.  However, I think there’s some definite truth to this expression.  These past few nights I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night due to bad dreams.  last night, I dreamt a close friend had progeria brought on by terminal cancer.

Anyway, today was Saturday meaning that I was only working in the morning.  At 9, when I was returning from breakfast, I noticed Helena standing against the wall like this.  I’m not sure why.

I fed the rabbits.  By 10, I continued washing bottles for an hour.  As I walked to the washing station, Helena was still like this.  Goats are strange creatures.  Anyway 10-11, I washed 20 more bottles.  Only 384 to go! At 11, I decided to go do some shopping.  We had lunch at 12hr45.  At 3.  Matthias told me we were going to Rasson’s orchard to pick more apples.

We arrived there at 15hr15.  I met his horses Lumiere and Ritz.


We spent the next 2 hours picking apples.  In order to knock the apples out of the tree, Rasson whacked them with a big stick.  Super hi-tech, I know.  We picked about 20 bags worth of apples.  Who knows how many apples that is?


We arrived back at the farm at 18hr15.  As we were loading the apples into storage, of course, the goats were being naughty and kept trying to climb into the trailer to eat the apples.

Our work finished at 18hr30 and we had dinner at 20hr.  Oceane had gone out, so it was just Elisabeth, Matthias and I.  While we were having the cheese board, I told them about the cheese-rolling festival in Gloucestershire, where they roll a 3kg or 4kg block of cheese down a hill and people run after it to be the first to catch it.  It’s not just the French that are crazy about the cheese.  The English are crazy too if not crazier.

But that’s it for day 21, a day of bottle-washing, apple-picking and cheese-rolling.


En Angleterre, il y a une expression : ne mangez pas fromage avant tu dormi sinon tu iras mals rêves.  Evidemment, l’expression n’existe pas en France parce que le francais toujours mange fromage avant ils dormaient.  Cependant, je pense que l’expression est vraie.  Pour les dernière peu nuits, j’ai réveillé dans le milieu une nuit parce que j’avais les mals rêves.  Par exemple, le dernière nuit, j’ai une rêve qu’un ami a progeria caused par terminal cancer.

Alors, aujourd’hui était samedi donc il y a peu travaillé.  Apres mon petit dejeuner quand je suis retourne du ma roulette, j’ai vu la chèvre comme ca.  Je n’en suis rien pourquoi.  Mais a 9hr, j’ai donner un manger les lapins et a 10hr, j’ai continué laver les bouteilles.  Quand j’ai marché a la gare du laver, le chevre était encore comme ca.  Bizarres animaux.



Alors de 10-11, j’ai lavé vingt plus bouteilles.  Apres ca, je fais des magasins.  On apprit notre déjeuner a 12hr145 et Matthias m’a dit qu’a 15hr, on irait a l’orchade du Rasson et cuillère plus pommes.  A 15hr15, on l’est arrivé et j’ai reconnu les cheveux du Rasson : Lumiere et Ritz.


On a cuilleré les pommes pour deux heures.  On a cuillère vingt sacs des pommes.  Combien des pommes ? Je n’en suis rien.

Alors on est retourné a la ferme a 18hr et tandis que on a mets les pommes dans storage, les chèvres était mechant, constantly climbing into the trailer to try and eat the apples.  Alors, on a fini notre travailleur a 18hr30 et on apprit notre diner a 20hr.  Tandis que, on mangeait le fromage et pain, j’ai expliqué sur a cheese-rolling festival in Gloucestershire.

Toutes les années, a 3/4kg wheel of cheese et jeter down a hill et les personnes chase after it, a essayer le première l’attrape.  Donc, ce n’est pas juste le Français qu’est foule du fromage.  L’anglais est foule aussi.  Peut-être, plus fou.

Alors, c’est tout pour jour 21, un jour de laver des bouteilles, cuillere des pommes et cheese rolling.

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