Artisan Markets, Naughty Pigs and a lot of Wind – WWOOF- Day 22-06/10/19

I am doing WWOOF – a month-long programme where I am working on a French farm.  I am writing a daily blog about my experiences.  I will write in English and French.  My French isn’t perfect and there will be mistakes.  And I may use Frenglish.  I welcome all corrections.  I tend to transliterate more than translate, but I’m working to improve this.  Considering this, the French sections of the blog won’t be exact word-for-word translations from the English.  Firstly, the language doesn’t work like that and secondly I make jokes and references in the English that won’t translate over to the French.

It happened again.  I woke up in the middle of the night due to a bad dream.  And it’s because of the cheese.  Last night we had some type of cheesy meat bake.  Tonight I’m going to sacrifice the cheese and see if it makes any difference.

Anyway, it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been here.  Although that comes with the sad realisation that I only have a week and half before I return home.  I will miss this place.  But as today is Sunday, it meant there wasn’t any work.  Yay! There was an artisan town in the neighbouring town of Lunerary.  At 11, Elisabeth and I drove there.  She left to do some shopping and I explored.  On the drive over, I asked Elisabeth if it’s the kind of market that you can haggle in.    She said you can try but you’ll probably lose…like when I tried to haggle in Bergerac.

Besides that I didn’t see anything I wanted.  It was a standard market selling meat, cheese, fruit and veg, clothes and shoes.  I did find this church though.  It wasn’t very big and after half and hour, Elisabeth and I rendeyvoused.  We returned to the farm at 12.


After I helped her to put the shopping away, I returned to my caravan.  I freelance for the travel blog Hungrylittletravellers,  so I decided to write an article about WWOOF until lunchtime.  Like we’re at a monastery, Elisabeth rings a bell for meal times.  However, by 13hr45, I hadn’t heard the bell ring yet, so I was surprised when Matthias appeared saying that they’ve already eaten their lunch and they didn’t know where I was.

Sometimes Matthias and Elisabeth translate their conversations with Oceane.  At lunch today, they were discussing how when Oceane and her sister were younger, they would make collages for their parents.  As they were kids, the collages would be awful, but they would pretend to like them.  It reminds me of my own work in a care home.  For example, at Easter, my residents with dementia decorated chocolate eggs with melted chocolate and they ended up looking at this.

At 14hr30, lunch was over.  It was sunny, but windy so

A) I went wind-surfing with Matthias

B) I cycled to the coast

C) I entered a pie-eating contest

D) I picked more apples

If you said A, then let me tell you, I’m not a good swimmer.  If I tried wind-surfing, I would probably drown.  Of course, I cycled to the coast again.

I arrived at Hautot-sur-mer at 15hr30 and because it was so windy, the beach was practically empty.  This meant I had the beach all to myself.  I spent a good, if windy hour there, writing my journal and article.

But because it was so damn windy, I cycled back at 16hr30.  I arrived back at the farm at 17hr50 (the wind slowed me up) Guess what I returned to?

A) A loving wife who had just finished cooking dinner

B) A hot bath and a warm bed

C) Bruce having tipped over the rubbish bin because he thought there was food in there

D) A party with cider and nachos

If you said A) I should remind you that I’m not married and I’m not going to be anytime soon.  Nope, this bloody pig had knocked over our rubbish bin, thinking there would be food in there.

There wasn’t.  I love the countryside.  At 8, I chained up Jack and I helped Mimi escape the storeroom.  She wanders in there sometimes looking for food and can’t get back out.

At 9, we had dinner and Marie joined us again.  We had some light conversation and Matthias remarked that my French progressed which is encouraging.  I resisted the urge to indulge in the cheese board.  It’ll be interesting to see whether I can sleep through the night.  But as I skipped the cheese board, I had double helpings of compote.  But that’s all for day 22, a day of artisan markets, naughty pigs and an awful amount of wind.


C’est s’arrive encore ! J’ai réveillé dans le milieu de la nuit parce que j’avait les mals rêves.  Il y a une connexion absolument.  Ce soir, je ne mangeais pas le fromage et voir si il y a une difference.

Alors, c’était dimanche donc il n’y avait plus de travailleur.  Yay ! En la towne voisin du Lunerary, il y a eu une marche d’artisan donc Elisabeth et moi s’est allé la a 11hr. Elisabeth est part pour son magasin.  Donc. J’ai expliquè la marche.  En la voiture, j’ai demandè Elisabeth si tu peux négocier à le marché.  Elle dit que tu peux essayer mais tu vas perdu…come j’essaie négocier dans le marché en Bergerac.

Alors le marchè a vends tous les choses normaux : le viande, légumes, fromages, poissions, vêtements et chaussures.  Quoique, j’ai trouvè cette eglise.  Le marchè n’etais pas grande et Elisabeth est retournè a ferme à midi.



Je fais ecriture du voyage pour le blog Hungrylittletravellers donc j’ai pensé que j’ecris un article sur WWOOF jusqu’un le dejeuner.  Comme un monastère, Elisabeth sonnè une cloche quand c’etais fois pour les repas.

Mais a dejeuner, je n’ai pas entendu la cloche donc j’etais surprise quand Matthias venu à ma roulette et dites-moi qu’il a fini leur dejeuener.  Ils ont pensé que je suis sorti.

Alors, quand je mangeais, Matthias m’a expliquè ils parlaient quand Oceane at sa sœur était jeune, ils faisaient des collages pour leur parents.  Parce qu’elles les enfants, les collages était merde, mais Matthias et Elisabeth pretended to like them.  This reminded me of mon notre travailleur dans la maison de la retraite.  A Pâques, on a décoré œufs de la Paque avec chocolaté fondu mais parce que la chocolaté fondu était chaud, les œufs aussi a fondu.  The end result wasn’t great.

Alors le dejeuner a fini a 14hr30 et parce qu’il faisait beau mais vendu j’ai decidè a

  1. Faire du windsurf avec Matthias
  2. Faire du velo a la cote
  3. Enter a pie-eating contest
  4. Cuillerè les pommes


Si tu dis A), je vous devrais dire que ma natation n’est pas bien et je would probably down si je faisais Wind-surfing.  Bien sur, je faisais du velo a la cote.  Je suis arrivè Hautot-sur-mer a 15hr30 et parce qu’il faisait vendu, la plage est presque veule.



Pour un trop vendu heure, j’ecris mon journal et article.  Parce qu’il trop faisait vendu, j’ai cyclismè a la ferme a 17hr50 (le vend slowed me down) et pensez quoi s’arrive quand je suis retournè

  1. Ma ferme cuisuinè un diner délicieux
  2. J’avais une chaude salle de bain
  3. Bruce had knocked over une poubelle parce qu’il pense qu’il avait nourriture la.
  4. Il y avait une fete avec cidre et nachos


Si vous diriez A), je vous dirais que je ne suis pas marrie.  Non, Bruce had knocked over the bin.  Putain des cochons.  J’adore la campagne.



Alors, a 20hr, j’attrapé Jack pour la nuit.  Aussi, j’ai aidè Mimi part la salière.  Parfois, elle l’entre quand elle a cherché pour la nourriture et elle ne sorti pas.  A 21hr, on apprit notre diner et Marie nous enjoindre.

Tandis que on parlait, Matthias a remarqué que mon Français a progressè qu’était superbe ! Aussi parce que, je ne mangeais pas le fromage, j’avais deux servings de la compote.  Alors c’est tout pour jour 22 – un jour de marche artisans, cochons vilains et beaucoup, beaucoup du vendu.

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